Saturday, August 31, 2013

Business Market Valuations

DEFINITION - What exactly is a Business Market Valuation?
A Business Market Valuation shows what a business is worth and can sell for at this moment. We do a complete market valuation analysis then provide a detailed report. Our valuations are based on multiple factors including actual cash flow and hard assets. We then apply an industry specific formula to determine your market value. This is a 3-5 page report and will not only provide you the actual market value but will also provide alternative pricing methods for comparison purposes.

NEEDS - Who needs a Business Market Valuation and why?

1.EVERY Business Owner - you should know your value at all times OR...
2.A Business Owner interested in selling in the next 12 months
3.A Business Owner already selling without a business valuation
4.A Business Owner considering expansion financing
5.A Business Buyer interested in a business for sale but wants a real valuation

PROCESS - It is a very simple 3-Step Process to getting your valuation?
1.Set up your Market Valuation Consultation meeting with us below
2.Meet a representative of our company to review your financials with you
3.We will take notes regarding your business and financials then send you the valuation within 2-3 business days
4.WE DO NOT need to take your financials with us but you will need them for the consultation

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